SoRA Research

The SoRA framework and dashboard are the result of many years of design research with over 250 stakeholders from UK government agencies, local authorities, advocacy groups, and communities in the DecarboN8 project and the 2022 TRIG Programme.

Our SoRA design research started in September 2019 with the formation of a ‘Stakeholder Reference Group’ (SRG) and a series of creative workshops that examined desirable transport futures. The members of the SRG facilitate consideration of the interests of particular key stakeholder groups in the design of SoRA, including young people through the Yorkshire and Humber Youth Climate Assembly, and small and medium sized businesses. The SRG has accompanied the researchers’ efforts throughout the DecarboN8 project and beyond, acting as a sounding board, a facilitator of relationships, and co-design group.

We have conducted over 100 interviews and group discussions, held visioning, scenario building and back-casting workshops, and run experiments with prototypes of SoRA components. To find out more about our research, please see a list of Publications below.