Date & Time: 2024-07-23 05:34

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Current project stage:

Assessment Overview:

There are four parts to the assessment with three questions each. You will be given an overview of your answers and a summarised report upon completing the assessment.

Part 4 - Fit For a Decarbonised Society

Resonance with social practices that lead to decarbonisation and contribute to future ways of living in harmony with nature.

How does this project fit with social practices of low carbon lifestyles?

Tick the option that most closely describes this aspect of the project.

High (e.g. The project understands, encourages and enables systemic societal changes in mobility.)
Medium (e.g. There is an expectation that individuals change behaviour and limited support for such change.)
Low/I can't tell (e.g. The project relies on policy, individuals and society to make sustainable transport choices.)