Date & Time: 2024-07-23 04:34

You are assessing:

Current project stage:

Assessment Overview:

There are four parts to the assessment with three questions each. You will be given an overview of your answers and a summarised report upon completing the assessment.

Part 3 - Social Impact

Optimising the project's contribution to broader social, environmental and economic outcomes, such as democracy, transparency, accountability.

How actively are potential societal co-benefits or harms explored?

Tick the option that most closely describes this aspect of the project.

High (e.g. Experiments with stakeholders are designed to reveal surprises and enable dialogue.)
Medium (e.g. Wider effects of the project are explored to some extent, but there is no structured methodology.)
Low/I can't tell (e.g. There is no effort to explore co-benefits or harms, or it is limited.)