Date & Time: 2024-04-17 04:05

You are assessing:

Current project stage:

Assessment Overview:

There are four parts to the assessment with three questions each. You will be given an overview of your answers and a summarised report upon completing the assessment.

Part 2 - Social Justice

Embedding consideration of equity, inclusion and fairness, engaging a wide range of stakeholder views in the project's design and development.

To what extent does the design concretely address the needs of all stakeholders?

Tick the option that most closely describes this aspect of the project.

High (e.g. The needs of diverse stakeholders are addressed in transparent and accountable ways.)
Medium (e.g. There is clear but limited effort to address the needs of marginalised stakeholders.)
Low/I can't tell (e.g. It is assumed that the needs of stakeholders can be addressed in the implementation or through regulation.)