Date & Time: 2024-04-17 03:11

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Current project stage:

Assessment Overview:

There are four parts to the assessment with three questions each. You will be given an overview of your answers and a summarised report upon completing the assessment.

Part 1 - Carbon Reduction

Maximising carbon reduction through reducing the use of carbon intensive materials & enabling low-carbon practices.

How informed is the project about carbon budgets? For example, the 2021 UN Climate Pathway for Transport suggests that passenger and freight transport should be completely decarbonised by 2050, and many national and local plans reflect this.

Tick the option that most closely describes this aspect of the project.

High (e.g. There is clear and transparent reference to carbon budgets.)
Medium (e.g. The team recognise the need to bring in expertise.)
Low/I can't tell (e.g. Decarbonising objectives are vague.)